My job has an enormous impact in our community

Jennifer Carpenter, RN, Bronson Employee

I’ve been at Bronson for 12 years in various positions. I started as a patient safety associate. Sitting in rooms with patients, I saw the impact that nurses had on the patient and their family. It really created interest in me to want to do what they do. It made me want to be like them.

After a year or so, I was offered a nurse externship in the mother/baby unit. I had started nursing school at that point so it was an excellent experience—I was able to work with patients alongside nurses, learning hands-on how to be a great nurse. After I graduated, I worked as a nurse in the pediatric unit for about ten years.

Eventually I became really interested in helping create the next generation of nurses. I started working in education services as a staff development instructor about five years ago and just started my current position as a staff development specialist in education services two or three months ago. Now I get to teach students and recent graduates how to be excellent nurses.

When I had an opportunity to work here at a sitter, I just jumped on it figuring it would be a good way to get my foot in the door. After that, Bronson helped me get to the positions that I was most interested in. This is why Bronson is a great place to work. We help mentor employees to move into their desired positions at Bronson.

It’s just been amazing working with the staff at Bronson. We really do exemplify positivity here and I could never leave. I love it here. I know here that I have an enormous impact. If nothing else, I’m really helping to create the next generation of staff: nurses, PCAs; mentoring different groups of people, a diverse population. So really, I know that what I do and what I’m teaching will soon impact the entire community of Kalamazoo.

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