My husband and I were very pleased with the care Mom received.

Sue Campbell, Family Member

Our family had the opportunity to avail ourselves of the services at Bronson last week.

Bad new, good news. The bad news is that my mother-in-law needed to spend most of the week there. She is almost 97 and a wonderful lady. Age is catching up to her these days however.

The good news is that she was in the North Campus, in the unit specially set-up around senior care. The people there did their jobs very well. My guess is that most of that staff prefers to be in that kind of unit. The nurses we interacted with were outstanding! While it was challenging at times for Mom, my husband and I were very pleased with the care she received there.

Hoping we do not need these services again any time soon but wanted you to know that even though it was a taxing week for us many of the experiences were very positive.

The staff in this unit are living up to your motto of Bronson Positivity.