My husband and I received a call that no parent wants to get

Jessica Blazys , Family Member

On March 17th, my husband and I received a call that no parent wants to get while they are out of state visiting a sick family member in regards to their child. Our 4-year old son was involved in a 4-wheeler accident affecting the left side of his face. From the moment he was wheeled into the E.R. until we left the Pediatric Unit, we were blessed with a multitude of team members who made sure my husband and I were kept up-to-date, Grandma was reassured she was doing everything right, and most importantly our son was taken care of and on the road to recovery. Josh, RN (E.R.) was very reassuring our son was being given the best care and listened to our concerns. Brooke from Child Life was amazing at helping keep our son comforted while he had procedures done. Becky TP2 was amazing at placing his I.V and I am grateful for her. We would like to thank Ellen RN, Erin RN, and Hanna RN from PICU for being supportive and showing compassion towards our son and Grandma. Lastly, we want to thank the amazing Pediatric staff (Nicole RN, Kris RN, Kate RN x 2, Stephanie RN, Ana PCA, Shannon PCA, Leslie PCA, and Cooper PCA) who were kind, encouraging, and patient with our son while he recovered from his injuries. You all did an amazing job! We also want to thank Dr. Warder for being patient with us and allowing extra time to explain the situation to us multiple times as my husband and I were able to fly home. We were very blessed to have such an amazing team of healthcare workers involved in our sons care!

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