My husband and I enjoy working for Bronson!

Jamie Warner, RN, Employee

Jamie Warner, RN, BSN Stroke Nurse Navigator

My husband, Adam, started working at Bronson in 2013 as a pharmacy resident and accepted a full-time position in 2014 after completing his residency. During that time I had been working on a neuroscience floor at a well-respected hospital in Grand Rapids. We were looking to buy our first home and start a family. We were off to Kalamazoo!

It was really important to me to join an organization that valued a team-oriented environment, quality patient care, and had a strong stroke program. I started looking into Bronson and found that they checked all of the boxes of what I was looking for and I decided that it was the right choice for me.

After a couple of years in the Bronson Neuroscience Center, I became the Stroke Nurse Navigator. I love my job and enjoy connecting with patients and their families to positively impact their care. I am very proud of all of Bronson’s accomplishments throughout the system but especially of our comprehensive stroke center certification from The Joint Commission.

Bronson has gone well above my initial requirements for a job. Our organization is team-oriented and community-driven. We focus on doing what’s best for our patients at all times. This includes working with experts in all areas of the organization to create the best treatment plan for each patient. I’m still amazed at how approachable our doctors are and how willing they are to work with you to help each and every patient.

Personally, I also love Bronson’s concierge service. As a new mom, having someone run errands for me saved me a lot of time and gave me more time at home with my daughter. Their team deserves a huge shout out for how much they help Bronson employees.

After four years, I can truly say my co-workers have become my friends and my husband and I enjoy working for Bronson!