My friends know I will be bicycling with them come spring

Donald Jost, Patient

To: The Emergency Department Staff and Hospital Rooms Staff


This is to thank you for the excellent and rapid response care that I received from you on the evening of August 6th and until the following afternoon when I drove home. I don’t know all of your names but they include Beth, Katelyn, Jami, Chris, and Samantha.

I am 77 and never/ever experienced any symptoms of a heart issue. While staying at the Paw Paw Baymont after two days of bicycling, I had an A-Fibrillation. Not that I knew what it was, but you were only one mile away! My good fortune indeed. You took me into the ED and gave me everything I needed, housed me overnight, and did imaging before I drove 90 miles home.

Since then, I had a quadruple heart by-pass on September 6th in Lansing McLaren. I am recovering. The medical personnel thinks everything is just fine. All tests show that I had no heart damage, and my heart is functioning very well. I am in the midst of my 36 cardio rehab sessions. I have carefully begun upper body exercises. All systems are a go.

My friends know I will be bicycling with them come spring. My softball team manager knows I will again be the left fielder throughout the season. My family knows I’m pretty much off the “worry list”.

I smile whenever I gaze at the Thank you card I received from all of you, Thanking me for coming to receive your help. I have waited to extend this gratitude until I was sure that you can count me among your achievements.



Don Jost

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