My family and I believe that I wouldn’t be here today without this program

Nancy McCreedy, Patient

I’ve attended another pulmonary rehab program and there is no comparison to how great Bronson’s program is. I have end stage COPD, and my family and I believe that I wouldn’t be here today without this program. When I first started I could only do a few minutes on the machines and had to rest. I would watch the other patients exercise and they made it look so easy. I thought that maybe their COPD wasn’t as advanced as mine. I was wrong, it’s this program that got them to where they are today.

Every day I went I could increase my time and within a couple weeks I could do a full 45 minutes of exercise and felt so much better. It’s real important to follow through with the maintenance program or your health will go right back to where you started. The education part of the program is great. I learned so much about diet, my medicine, COPD, etc. Sarah and Lon are great, they are knowledgeable, kind and caring and very encouraging. They encourage you to do an extra minute or increase your work load on machine and try new machines but never are pushy. If you do one extra minute on a machine they know that is a great accomplishment for a COPD patient and they let you know. They always have a smile on their face, are fun to be around and truly care about their patients.