My experience so far is very heartwarming

Nicki Clemens, Volunteer

I have been volunteering for four years at Sexual Assault Services (SAS). SAS is an incredible organization led by incredible people, and the volunteers are amazing. My experience so far is very heartwarming. It’s gratifying to be with survivors and their families and help them through a traumatic experience.

This is such an important service to have in the community, because it gives the survivors somebody to turn to. It’s community involvement. There are different organizations that come together from everywhere to support survivors, and it gives them a voice and makes them feel safe. We give them information and let them know they will be okay… through everything that’s going on, they will be okay. It’s such a privilege to be there for them and support them.

Seeing all the involvement in SAS has been incredible. To have the whole community supporting this cause has been awesome.


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