My everyday living is much more pleasant – I feel young again!

Cheryl, Patient

Cheryl of Coldwater had many problems with leg pain that started around the time that she quit smoking and gained some weight. The pain was so bad that it was keeping her up at night, but she eventually learned to “just deal with it” and carried on with her everyday life. That was until she had a stress-induced heart attack and was rushed to a hospital in Kalamazoo for treatment.

While being treated for the heart attack, she learned she also had a blocked femoral artery in the groin – the cause of the pain she had encountered for years. She was then referred to Bronson Vascular & Endovascular Surgery.

“I, of course, was scared and upset when I went for my first appointment, especially after just having a heart attack,” Cheryl recalled. “At the same time, though, I was relieved to learn what was causing my leg pain for so many years. Dr. Sarat Vaddineni, vascular surgeon, calmed any remaining feelings of anxiety. He took the time necessary to fully explain the procedure and made sure I understood each step.”

Two days after her initial appointment at Bronson HealthCare Midwest Vascular & Endovascular Surgery, Cheryl arrived at Bronson Methodist Hospital for inpatient surgery. The femoral artery in the groin is one of the major arteries in the human body. The primary function of this artery is to supply blood to the thigh and leg muscles. Due to the severity of the blockage in Cheryl’s artery, it was causing severe pain and decreased blood flow to her legs and feet. Dr. Vaddineni was able to successfully clean out the artery.

“I only had to stay at the hospital for one night,” Cheryl said. “Let me tell you – I have never had such a great experience at a hospital. The nurses were fantastic. They went above and beyond to make sure that I was comfortable throughout my stay. They were thoughtful, sensitive and listened. I couldn’t ask for anything more than that! The next morning, I was already up and moving around. I couldn’t believe how quickly I could notice a difference in the way I felt. It was amazing.”

Since the procedure, Cheryl has continued to notice the difference and the recovery process has been quick and with minimal pain. She recently had a post-operative appointment and she couldn’t wait to share the progress she has made with Dr. Vaddineni. She is now back to work, walking around and even starting to bike again.

“My everyday living is much more pleasant,” Cheryl stated. “I feel young again!”

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