My doctor stayed by my side

R. Win, Patient

Back in November 2017, I suffered a massive stroke. My family was told I wouldn’t make it out of the ER, my labs were crazy numbers. My doctor stayed by my side and didn’t leave my family even after his shift had ended. My neurologist took amazing care of me. When I made it out of the neuro ICU, my family was told again I wasn’t going to make it out of this department. I started having massive seizures. My nurses took amazing care of me. I was discharged on 11/30/2017. I returned on 12/19/17 with another stroke. The nurses took amazing care of me again. I was told I would never work again and I would never drive again.

Now I’m back at work doing what I did before, I’m driving. My A1C started out at 13.9, now it’s 5.0, I don’t take any oral diabetic medication or insulin. My blood pressure is slowly starting to get controlled and I haven’t had a seizure since 12/31/2017, all because I got to the right place and got the help I needed. If I didn’t get the care and compassion I received, I’d be dead. My rehab team kicked my butt each day and wouldn’t let me quit or take “I can’t” for an answer at any time. These women are amazing and wonderful. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. If not for Bronson, I’d truly be dead. Just wanted to share my story.