My daughter was at ease the whole time

Karlie Clark, Bronson Employee

Last Sunday, my two year old daughter Caroline fell and hit her head on the edge of a fireplace. She had a pretty deep laceration right in the middle of her forehead that would likely need stitches.  I took her to Bronson Methodist ER and was extremely happy with our experience. The whole team of Dr. Allman, Mike, RN and the Child Life Specialist (unfortunately I don’t remember her name) were wonderful. My daughter was at ease the whole time and did not even cry or fuss during the procedure thanks to their gentleness, some great numbing cream and an I-pad with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I myself am a nurse here at Bronson but on Sunday I was just a mom worried about her child. All my concerns were addressed and Caroline and I were treated so kindly. My family and I will always use Bronson as our first choice for healthcare. And I can also say that I am proud to work for such a lovely place that made it their mission to make our situation a little easier and less stressful. Thank you!

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