My dad would not be here today if the entire team had not worked so quickly and expertly to save his life.

Amy Simmonds, Family Member

My Mom drove my Dad to Bronson because he was experiencing some chest pain. When they arrived at the Emergency room entrance, he opened up the door of his truck, and at that moment his heart stopped. He fell out of the truck directly onto his head.

The Emergency team at Bronson was amazing. They rushed him in to the Emergency room and began an organized frenzy of care on my Dad. There were employees from all specialties (RN’s Respiratory Care, Doctors, Lab professionals, Patient Care Assistants, and many others.They had to administer CPR and shocked him several times before Intubating him.

Dr. [Christopher] Rogers arrived and the team prepped him to go to the Cath. Lab. He told us that he was going to start with a Heart Cath. to see what kind of blockage my Dad had, and would proceed with whatever treatment was needed.

The next time we saw Dr. Rogers, he came to the Family Conference room to update us on my Dad. He was able to clear the blockage and put a stent into his artery to return his blood flow to 100%. My Dad was stable as far as his heart attack.

The next step was to send him to have a CT & xray to determine if there was any damage to his scull or brain from the fall on the pavement. The results showed a small bleed on his brain. They put him on a continuous EEG through that night to monitor him for any Seizure activity. The next morning he had another CT scan on his brain. The doctor came in to see us when he had the results back. The bleeding had stopped.

At that point they were able to turn off the sedatives and let him wake up. He was extubated by 10 am and was able to speak.

He spent a few days in the hospital before being discharged. He is doing very well at home now.

We are so thankful for every employee, clinical and non clinical who played a part in my Dad’s care. He would not be here today if the entire team had not worked so quickly and expertly to save his life.

A special thanks to Shannon McBride, who stayed by my Mom’s side the entire time my Dad was being treated in the emergency room. She was great moral support for her while she was going through a horrifying experience, watching what was going on with my Dad. Also, Dr. Rogers for his expertise with the Heart Cath. and Stent and his amazing bedside manner. Dr. [Matthew] Zaccheo, the Trauma Doctor that cared for him in the hospital.

I would Always and Only recommend Bronson for anyone needing emergency or hospital care.

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