My anxieties were put to ease by the kindness and support I received

Krystal V, Patient

I was on a weekend away with some friends in Indianapolis when we decided to use the electric scooters to explore the downtown area. Shortly after getting on the scooters I braked too quickly and fell directly on my knee. Right when I hit the ground, I heard a loud pop and I knew right away something wasn’t right. My friends acted quickly and got me to the nearest emergency department. The doctors there performed an X-ray and were fairly sure I had torn my ACL. They suggested I get home and go to Bronson as soon as possible. That Monday morning, I called the Bronson Sports Medicine Specialists office on Turwill Lane and, thankfully, was able to get a same day appointment with Heather Sjoquist, PA-C. At the appointment, they performed an exam, X-rays and got me scheduled for a MRI and follow up with Dr. Mark Sytsma all within the week. My MRI confirmed I had torn my ACL and meniscus. Dr. Sytsma did an awesome job at explaining to me my options and we decided surgery was what was best to get me back to my active lifestyle. I researched and read many testimonials from people who suffered the same type of injuries I had, and had many anxieties at first regarding surgery and recovery. These anxieties were put to ease by the kindness and support I received from all of the staff at Bronson Sports Medicine Specialists- Turwill Lane.  From my first appointment to post-op, everyone was so willing to answer my questions, provide comfort and prepare me for the long journey of recovery from my injuries. I’m so thankful to Heather, Dr. Sytsma, all of the nurses and physical therapist who have answered my questions, encouraged me and helped me on my way to getting my life back after this accident.  I am still early on in my recovery, but the support I’ve had along the way so far makes me confident that I  will continue to  heal well and come back from my injury stronger than before.

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