Most People Can’t Believe My Recovery!

Geraldine Frabe, Patient

For two years, I was seeing a doctor, out of town, for my hip pain. I knew I needed to have hip joint replacement so I met with my primary care doctor who referred me to Dr. Mark Nikkel of Bronson Orthopedic & Spine Specialists in South Haven. Dr. Nikkel agreed that hip replacement surgery was the best treatment for me. Since my husband had anterior hip replacement surgery five years ago, and has had an amazing recovery, I wanted to have this same type of surgery which Dr. Nikkel was able to perform. It’s now been three months after my surgery and most people can’t believe my recovery! I’m back to doing crafts and tying my own shoes; there’s nothing much I can’t do. As to Dr. Nikkel, he knows what he’s doing, he’s right on the spot and his crew is right there. The whole group is really great!

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