Most caring, understanding Midwife

Angie Cutcher, Patient

One year ago my amazing, beautiful, intelligent baby boy Braden was born at Bronson Hospital. I don’t have some amazing story-nothing crazy happened to us-no life saving measures had to be taken. I was simply cared for by an amazing staff of Midwives through out my pregnancy and the most caring, understanding Midwife, Joanie Slager helped me to deliver my perfect little son. I arrived at the hospital dialated at a 3 and was admitted overnight. Everyone was calm and caring and took care of any and all of my needs or wants. I didn’t want to receive any drugs if that was at all possible and I was able to relax and let my body do all the work for me. Once I felt it was time to deliver my baby, the nurses and Widwives told me to go for it! I only had to push for 30 minutes, but in that time I was being cheered on and told how great I was doing. Even my stay at the hospital after Braden had arrived was great! I just had an all around amazing time from start to finish bringing my baby into this world. Every day I’m grateful for the care and support my family and I recieved at Bronson!

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