We’re able to serve the healthiest, most nutrient-dense oatmeal and granola possible.

Alexandra Antoon, Employee

Over the past few months, we have started milling our own oats in the Bronson Battle Creek and Bronson Methodist Hospital cafeterias. BMH uses these milled oats for their oatmeal. At BBC, we use them for both our oatmeal and granola that is served in the cafeteria, in the Java Junction and to patients in their rooms.

The reason it is so great that we are milling our own oats in-house is that they we can make sure the oats are minimally processed. This way, the oats keep all of the nutrients that can be stripped out when large companies process and package boxed oatmeal. At Bronson, we’re committed to advancing the health of the community. And offering healthy options in the cafeteria and to patients is just one way I can be a part of this mission.