Meet Dr. Penny Rathburn, Bronson’s 2019 Compassionate Physician of the Year

Bronson Healthcare

When Dr. Rachel Punke nominated her coworker and friend, Dr. Penny Rathburn, for Bronson’s 2019 Compassionate Physician of the Year Award, she said that she has never met another doctor who shows the amount of empathy, kindness, authenticity and honesty than Dr. Rathburn. A few months ago, Dr. Punke was on the receiving end of Dr. Rathburn’s compassionate care when she cared for her family at Bronson Methodist Hospital.

“Jim was diagnosed with a progressive, life altering condition a few years ago,” says Dr. Punke. “It was ultimately terminal for him. We’ve spent many days in and out of the hospital since then.”

Watch Dr. Punke, Laura and Mary talk about the care they received from Dr. Rathburn while she cared for their loved one, Jim. See Dr. Melissa Davidson share her experiences with Dr. Rathburn’s compassionate care as a coworker, friend and family member of a patient.

Congratulations, Dr. Rathburn! Thank you for providing compassionate care to the patients and families you care for each and every day.