Maybe someday I will work here.

Shayle Campos, Battle Creek High School Senior & Bronson Battle Creek Volunteer

I’ve been volunteering at Bronson Battle Creek during the winter semester of my senior year at Battle Creek Central High School. I help answer the phone, help patients to their appointments if they need assistance, and then help them back to their cars. I clean wheelchairs and do various other errands around the hospital.

I wanted to get the experience to see how it felt to spend time in a hospital environment and to learn new things. Because I want to be a physical therapist, this will give me the advantage of already being familiar with the hospital setting. Maybe someday I will work here, and I’ll already be familiar with the areas of the hospital.

I enjoy working with the patients and I like meeting new people. Sometimes they even give me knowledge about the working world and what to do and what not to do. They also encourage me to pursue my dreams. I like helping people.

That’s just who I am. I love it.