Lucky To Be Alive

Tom Jones, Patient

In the middle of May the chest pains start

The first think to do is check my heart

Test after test show that I am okay

But the seventh test landed me in the OR today


Awake now I am asking how it went

I had two arteries that needed a stent

The doctor will be in to give you the news

The looks in their eyes were my first clues


Something is wrong of this I am sure

Whatever it is I pray there is a cure

The doctor arrives and instantly our eyes locked

You have four arteries over ninety percent blocked


At first, I just couldn’t bear to hear it

His words cut deep into my spirit

Confidence in my future began to slide

But I knew our God was by my side


I wanted him to tell me this too shall pass

But the only hope of survival is quadruple bypass

I thought of my family where my love lies

At the moment tears fill my eyes


Summoning the Spirit which is the source of my strength

To take me through this storm whatever the length

I lay this giant in God’s hand

He fills me with peace and optimism for the plan


So now I am David facing Goliath with a sling

This giant will be slain with prayers to the King

In hindsight seven heart attacks in year 65

The doctors say I am lucky to be alive


They call it luck but that’s just not true

I believe God has more for me to do

A second chance from my creator is a glorious gift

I plan to use it helping other to give them a lift.

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