Louie the Engineer of Positivity

Amy Simmonds, Employee

Customer service associate, Amy Simmonds, has brought a smile to each patient who checks in at her desk at the Labor and Delivery Unit and NICU in Bronson Methodist Hospital. Sitting on her desk ready to welcome expecting mothers and guests is Louie the Giraffe. Guests can find Louie wearing his Bronson Badge, mask and one of the many costumes Amy has found for him. Louie can be found dressed in holiday attire, promoting events for the hospital, or encouraging our healthcare heroes. Originally dressed in a train engineer outfit, Louie has been named the Engineer of Positivity by Amy and her coworkers.

Over the years, Louie has become a local celebrity and is well-known by staff, patients and community members. Amy shared that “every day, someone makes a comment or smiles when they see Louie on my desk.” Louie enjoys going on well-deserved vacations with Amy, which include trips all over the country. No matter where Louie goes, he is certain to bring Bronson Positivity and a smile to those who encounter him.

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