Lost "Lovie"

Patricia Kendall, Patient

My story is about a wounderful unit clerk in the ED. I had to take my then 3 year old daughter Emma to the ED in the middle of the night in the middle of a snow storm for a high fever. After finding out that she had a ear infection, and I put all of her snow stuff back on and we made it to the car. As we were almost home, Emma started to cry “Mommy I lost my lovie”, well anyone with small kids knows that means they have just lost their best friend. In this case, it’s my daughters blanket she calls her “lovie” that she can not sleep without. I turned the car around and was back in the waiting room for the ED trying to ask if I could please go back into the room that we had just come from. The unit clerk Angel, when back into the room and came back into the waiting room to let me know that she say no baby blanket and all of the laundry from that room was in the basement of the hospital. Emma was not only heart broken, I could not get her to stop crying. Just then, Angel looked at me and said, “I have a small son too, that can’t sleep without his stuffed bear.” She said just give me few miuntes to see what I can do. She went down into the laundry room and went throught 30 bags of dirty laundry and found my daughters “lovie”. Emma in almost 7, and I tell everyone that great story of how angel saved “lovie”. That is my Bronson Positivity Story.