Living a full and adventurous life!

Rob Groesbeck, Patient

Rob Groesbeck with the Hand and Elbow Team.

In the summer of 2020, I was working at Fort Custer State Park when I fractured my right arm and dislocated my wrist. When the ambulance showed up, I chose to be taken to Bronson Methodist Hospital. I was in a great deal of pain and dealing with shock. This is where I first met Dr. Jeffrey King, a surgeon with Bronson Hand & Elbow Surgery Specialists, and scheduled surgery with him for a week later.

During my surgery on July 1st, Dr. King inserted two plates into my arm to bring my bones back together and put a metal rod in my wrist. He also removed small pieces of bone. I lived with the rod in my arm for a month and a half and then was able to begin occupational therapy (OT).

When I started OT, I had a long list of things I wasn’t able to do at the time, and some of the things I never knew if I would do again. Now, I have 100% function and 90% flexbility back in my arm and wrist and I am able to do everything that I would like to do! One of my proudest accomplishments was taking a twelve-day wilderness canoe trip in Canada two years after my injury. This trip was full of paddling and carrying the canoe above my head, putting a lot of pressure on my wrist.

My experience with Dr. King and the team at Bronson Hand & Elbow Surgery Specialists was nothing short of fantastic. He was always sensitive and empathetic to my needs. Dr. King always took the time to speak with me and I never felt rushed when I brought up concerns. Thank you to the whole Bronson team for helping me live a full and adventurous life!

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