Little kindness can help a hospitalized patient

Carol Ply, Patient

My friend Kathy M. was a patient on 2-east in the fall. She was having some diagnostic test. The test and medication caused her to be on 2-east for several days. She had Cathy Gannon for her care provider. Each day Cathy came in, she had a smile and could make Kathy laugh. Kathy called me and said ” I had the best nurse, she made my days fun and gave good care.” Several weeks later Kathy was admitted again to 2-east and she wanted me to ask Cathy to stop and see her. Due to days off and other assignments Cathy wasn’t her nurse that stay, but she still stopped in and made her laugh. I think we often are so busy, we don’t see how a little kindness can help a hospitalized patient.

TAGS: Diagnostics
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