Life, for me, is much easier now

Kirk Decker, Patient

I have a very complex medical history, and after over 10 years of receiving substandard care at the other hospital in Kalamazoo (the one next to the cemetery, which you have a great view of if you’re ever in the I.C.U unit there) I fired all my providers there (electrophysiologist, internal medical doctor, gastro doctor, etc, not to mention the numerous critical mistakes made in there level 2 E.R. department) and transferred all my care to Bronson Hospital and life, for me, is much easier now. My primary care provider, Misty Miller and her assistant Natalie, at Bronson Family Practice are much more competent, caring and empathetic than my former doctor of internal medicine at hospital next to cemetery. (Really, I’ve been to Mayo, U of M, D.O.D. hospitals and never, ever seen a cemetery next to a hospital. Who the heck thought that was a good idea?!?)

My E.N.T doctor, Dr. Prophit and her P.A., Angela Enders, are beyond reproach. I had a very complex sinus surgery performed by her and it’s literally changed my life. She listens, oozes empathy and helps me with encouragement and knowledge of my very rare neuro disease. Never feel rushed there either. She also responds to my messages, as does Misty Miller in record time. I’m not sure why other hospital never referred me to an E.N.T. doctor but once I was seen by Dr. Prophit and her team, it was really amazing. Just like Misty Miller.

My electrophysiologist, Dr. Reinoehl and his P.A., Tracie White, (hope I have her name right) fixed in ONE office visit all my various bizarre arrythmias and other cardiac issues, which was never resolved at other hospital after 10 years of heart caths, testing for brugada syndrome, loop recorder implants and removals, multiple nuclear stress tests, EKG’s, numerous medication changes, and many ER visits and hospital stays for several days with no resolution to my woes. Dr. Reinoehl is also a decent human being and treats me like one. Once again, my messages to him are answered in record time and he is simply the best, in my opinion.

Dr. Vaddini, a vascular surgeon, is tremendous. I had a massive D.V.T from 10 months of IVIG infusions performed at U of M under the guidance of the Mayo Clinic. I have a very rare autoimmune mediated neurological disease for which there is no cure. Anyways, after 2 emergency vascular interventions done by Dr. Vaddini, he not only cleared the clot but he SAVED MY LEG!! Amputation was discussed but due to his expertise, compassion and dedication, he saved my life and leg! Misty Miller and Dr Brandt also helped with this as well, prompting me to go to the ER or she would call an ambulance. She is also responsible for saving my leg and life. I also had multiple pulmonary embolli as well. Excellent care at Bronson’s Hospital inpatient care, which I spent 6 days recovering there. Dr. Vaddini and his team are amazing. Again, any messages I send are responded to in record time.

My hand doctor, Dr. King, is amazing as well. I won’t be redundant, see above comments on other doctors. He is just as fantastic. A very fine human being.

My foot doctor, Dr. Scott Free is again the same way. Fantastic doctor, helped me tremendously with a spiral fracture on my metatarsal. I can’t say enough good things about him and his staff.

Dr. Cole an audiologist who works in conjunction with Dr. Prophit, fantastic as well. See my above comments above about other doctors. He’s the same.

E.R. department, fantastic. They saved my life and explained every step of the way. Patients should be more aware of the triage system and be more patient and not throw idiotic temper tantrums when they don’t get their way. I cannot stand to see the E.R. staff being abused. They are better humans than I am, since they have the patience of saints. Also glad they have a police officer present 24/7 which Bronson pays for!

I used to have a very disdainful view of doctors, specialists and hospitals in the past, but ever since I transferred all my care to Bronson (along with some of my family members) I couldn’t be happier. Well, I could, but life interferes sometimes.

I think all the nurses, technicians and everyone who works there seems happy, unlike cemetery hospital. Only one bad experience I had there was with a new resident, who didn’t realize how lucky he was to be working there. That situation was resolved quickly and efficiently by Bronson as well, much to my satisfaction. Also a big shout out to a hospitalist, Dr. DeLeon. Tremendous talented person. Our cardio thoriac surgeon, saved my father’s life after a long and complicated surgery. Simply the best and again, treats you and family like a human.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my family, Bronson. Remember, Bronson is a human institute, run by decent humans. Problems may creep up, but that’s always the case in anything in life. If you have a problem, explain it to them, like from one decent human to another. They will help!!!

I no longer cringe when I have a doctor’s appointment or an emergency. That’s a very new feeling for me. I used to hate doctors, but no more.

P.S. If you’re still reading this, Bronson uses the Epic system for electronic medical records so other hospitals can access your info if you give them consent. Other hospital in Kalamazoo uses a substandard software suite. Be sure to sign up for Bronson’s patient portal and download the Bronson MyChart app for use on your Android or Apple device. Amazing what it can do, plus simple to use.

I want all my doctor’s and my face plastered on billboards across Kalamazoo advocating Bronson Positivity. I think we will need a very large billboard. Haha

Thank you!!!