Lara is one of the kindest human beings I know

Anonymous, Employee

Photo of Lara Free accepting the 2022 Sunshine Award.

  • Lara is one of the kindest human beings I know. She is always willing to help anyone in need, she takes on extra projects, always puts the patients and their families first, gives feedback and provides ideas to improve workflows, and is inclusive of everyone. The pride Lara takes in her work is truly inspiring and her work ethic speaks for itself. She is always able to overcome any obstacle thrown her way and even when things get tough, Lara continues to have a positive attitude. Lara is a great example for her co-workers, and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have her on my team.
  • I would like to take the time to recognize Medical Assistant Lara Fee. She is so caring and compassionate with not only her patients, but also with her coworkers. She takes the time to hear your needs and concerns. She has always been a great shoulder to lean on. When Lara comes to work, she never fails to complete a task and she is very successful with everything she does. This Medical Assistant aims to never fail. Thank you Lara for everything you do at Bronson South Haven Pediatrics.
  • Lara is a team player. She is very caring towards staff, providers and patients. Lara offers her assistance to her coworkers. Lara is very helpful and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done to assist patients. Lara is very approachable when I need her help with a difficult patient. Your loving, caring heart is genuinely honest and I love that about you! Lara is always cheerful and very helpful. I do not think I have ever seen her in a bad mood.
  • Lara is such a team player and willing to help out. She always answers any questions I have and tries her best to help out with a patient regardless if it’s her patient or not. She’s kind, humble and pleasant. I feel comfortable going to her with any concerns or questions and she’s such a ray of sunshine.
  • Lara is really a burst of sunshine. She is always willing to help her team no matter if it’s with the clinical team or clerical team. I can hear her rooming her patients throughout the day, and she is so kind, calm and gentle with each patient. She explains each step she needs to take to not only the parents but to the children she is rooming. She is willing to speak up with ideas that could help improve our office. Lara has always made me feel so welcomed! I am truly thankful that I am part of Lara’s team here at BSH!!

Lara Free is a medical assistant at Bronson South Haven Pediatrics. She is the recipient of the 2022 Sunshine Award, which is given each year to team members who help our clinical staff provide exceptional care for patients and families.