Kim demonstrates exceptional care

Anonymous, Employee

Bronson’s Plan for Excellence includes a key behavior to “Be Respectful. Be Accountable. Be Well. Be a Problem Solver.” When I read this phrase Kim Morris immediately comes to mind.

Kim has been practicing as nurse here at Bronson less than two years, but with her high standard of care and knowledge, you would assume she has been practicing for much longer. Recently we had a critically ill patient on the neurovascular floor with numerous health issues and the family had requested that only a select handful of nurse’s care for their loved one. Kim was assigned to this patient not knowing the background of the situation. During leadership rounds a couple days later the family had complimented the exceptional care not only their loved one received, but them as well. They mentioned how confident Kim was in any given situation and raised the bar for Bronson as a whole.

Being accountable as is an expectation being in healthcare, but Kim goes above the calls of duty and routinely comes in when we are short staffed or volunteers for the overtime ahead of time. When she comes in she always has a smile on her face and her positive spirit is contagious to other staff members and the patients. On our unit we fill out these “B Well” shout outs when someone supports Bronson’s value of Promoting a Healthy workplace. Kim receives numerous kudos from her fellow peers for bringing joy and passion into the hospital on a daily basis.

Bronson strives for excellence by “performing at the highest level, always learning and looking for ways to improve.” One way this is achieved is by four step problem solving and developing innovative processes to close the gap between what is actually happening and what should be happening.” Kim is always volunteering to be a part of these committees and brings forth collaboration and teamwork for investigation IV infiltrates and falls just to name a couple.

Although Kim is considered to be novice nurse, she demonstrates exceptional care through her decision making and care as though she is a well-seasoned nurse. Her spirit and positive attitude light up our unit and she is always striving to do the best she possibly can in any situation