Kelly definitely deserves to be recognized as the shining star she is

Anonymous, Employee

A. Kelly Korf is the night Unit Coordinator on pediatrics. She does an amazing job leading the team. Both the manager and day unit coordinator were out on leave at the same time, leaving her to have to change her schedule to accommodate the needs of the floor. She demonstrated great flexibility with changing her own schedule, to make sure both shifts received some management interaction. She did so without batting an eye and always with a smile. While this was all happening, Bronson was undergoing our Joint Commission audit. She handled herself so well. She ensured that staff was well prepared and the unit was immaculate. She kept the units running and was there for the staff for any needs that they had. If she was stressed, she never let it be known. She always carries herself with great poise. She is such a great role model and positive influence for all the staff. She remains very professional while keeping what is best for the staff and patients on pediatrics. She is a great mentor to all her staff, but definitely makes the newer staff feel right at home as soon as they meet him/her. She is a great leader and I am so proud to get to work with her on a daily basis.

Kelly has been a unit coordinator on Peds/PICU for several years. Over the last few months she consistently demonstrated what an up and coming leader she truly is. From October through December 2019 she single handedly held both units together while the Manager and Day shift unit coordinator were both out on leave. She prepared the units for the The Joint Commission site visit, which included a 5 day Children’s Hospital survey! Her nursing director was out of the country when The Joint Commission came, and Kelly shined as a leader throughout the entire survey. The staff appreciated her stepping up to the plate and have shown her their gratitude in many ways. At first, the day shift staff didn’t know Kelly as well since she normally worked nights. Over the past several months she adapted her schedule so she could be present for both day and night shift staff. When I round on the units I hear all positive comments about how Kelly handled all kinds of situations while the 2 Peds/PICU leaders were out. Kelly definitely deserves to be recognized as the shining star she is!

C. Her title may be Night Shift Unit Coordinator, but Kelly is definitely more than that to all of us in Pediatrics. She is a co-worker, mediator, problem-solver, listener, cheerleader, coach, mentor, and friend. Kelly was an amazing pediatric critical care nurse for 6 years before deciding to take on the challenge of a management role. When she applied for the position almost 3 years ago, everyone agreed that she would do an amazing job, but little did we know how amazing she would be and the dedication she would have to our staff. In the fall of 2019, Kelly temporarily became the only management for Pediatrics/PICU when our manager and day shift unit coordinator were both unexpectedly off work for a few months at the same time. Kelly accepted the challenge with a smile on her face; her great attitude never wavering. She adjusted her schedule so that she was at Bronson for both the day shift and the night shift, splitting her time in order to provide support and answer questions for everyone. She wanted to ensure that both shifts were able to have their concerns addressed and that no one felt as though they were being ignored. She also went above and beyond her role of unit coordinator by staying “on-call” all of the time, LITERALLY! She was available whenever anyone needed her on day shift or night shift and all weekend long for a solid 2 months. Kelly was and is always willing to help with staff needs whether personal or work related. She is a great listener with a giant heart, and she gives great hugs! She constantly has a positive attitude and single-handedly helped keep us afloat when the entire floor felt like it was falling apart. She worked more hours than anyone should have to.

One chaotic Saturday night, Kelly even came into work at 2 a.m. to take care of a critical patient as the bedside nurse when the PICU was bursting at the seams and lacking the staff to care for the patient. She did not think twice about it. She knew that the PICU needed help and she was there in a heartbeat. Another huge hurdle that Kelly took on head-first was Joint Commission. This year was the first time that Kelly was in a leadership role when JC was evaluating Bronson, and she had to do it on her own. Not only were the Pediatric Manager and Day Shift Coordinator gone during JC week, but also the Director of Women and Children’s. What a tremendous hurdle for any manager, let alone a “rookie” who is running the show all by herself! Kelly took on the challenge and did a fantastic job. She rallied our team with her remarkable leadership skills and encouraging attitude and because of her, EVERYONE pitched in to make our units shine! The entire staff’s dedication was because Kelly is simply an awesome leader and more than anything, an amazing person!