Kathy’s refusal to accept a bad outcome for my patient kept her pursuing options until one worked

Anonymous, Employee

Kathy Moore has such a strong presence on AMU that we have a saying about her: If we hear someone say, “I had to channel my inner Kathy Moore,” we know that means someone or something required a tougher, louder, or more forceful approach. Kathy is someone who never hesitates to speak up, sometimes bluntly, sometimes a bit too truthfully, but always for the benefit of a teammate or patient. She consistently shows up, and backs us up, in the challenges we face on the front line. I am grateful for her friendship and leadership.

I would like to highlight a time the “Kathy Moore” effect was so very helpful to me personally. My patient was suicidal, had an extensive psychiatric history, and had been off his psych medications for three days. His mentation and behavior were deteriorating. I reached out to providers, but was unable to get clear direction on caring for him. The patient became volatile, attempting to leave against medical advice (AMA). Kathy checked in with me regularly, providing emotional support and expertise. She continually made calls, sent pages and gave a louder voice to the problem. Her support meant the world to me. I wasn’t alone. At the end of my shift, my patient was delusional, suicidal, threatening to leave, and I had no orders or paperwork to keep him. I was being told I had to let him leave AMA. Kathy stayed with me, supporting me so I could care for him and my other patients. She continued to try and reach someone who could give us the authority to keep him safe. At the end of the shift, I still had no clear direction on how to help my patient. Kathy ultimately called my manager, at her home, for help. Shannon then came to the floor, determined what was needed, walked to the ER, got orders, and signed documents so I could keep my patient safe. My manager is amazing, but it was Kathy who had the wisdom to make that call and get my patient the help he needed. Kathy stayed with me after shift change, and continued to stay until the patient was safely secured. Kathy’s refusal to accept a bad outcome for my patient kept her pursuing options until one worked.

We have all experienced incredible challenges this past year. It has been a year that underscores how much we need teamwork. We all need a person to advocate for us. I’m grateful we have such a person in Kathy Moore on our team. In the ever changing world of healthcare, its comforting to have a strong, common sense person like Kathy on my team. She will always follow her heart and speak up for what is important to nurses.


Kathy Moore is a nurse on the Adult Medical Unit (AMU) at Bronson Methodist Hospital. She is the recipient of the 2021 Hazel Latondress Impact Award, and was recognized during the Nursing Excellence Celebration.