Katee is a true gem and key contributor to our team

Anonymous, Employee

2020 has been an especially difficult year for healthcare workers. Some days were only made manageable by relying on the strength and positivity of amazing coworkers. Katee Nordahl is one of these coworkers who are a true gem and key contributor to our team. When morale was at an all-time low, Katee was there to provide support and lend a hand. She is the type to never say no, regardless of the task. She continually seeks out reasons to celebrate with our team and promotes a healthy workplace. She is considerate of other’s perspective and nursing units besides our own. Katee is always helping the team and encourages others to stay positive throughout the day. Katee was a huge support for me when I was in a sad and ethically challenging patient scenario. She held my hand and made sure I was ok. Katee roots me on when I do something successful. She is a delight and joy to have as part of our team and I never want her to leave.