Jessica was knowledgeable, respectful, and sympathetic to my take on this situation

Esther Vandecar, Patient

I am one of the many people now advised to use a cap machine to avoid dying in their sleep, which is a scary thing. My test said I needed one and so I tried to comply, but was terrified by the first blow out of the machine into my nostrils. Since I live alone, my first thought was that there would be no one their to help me if it malfunctioned in the middle of the night, and the doctor said I could die without it. So, I lived with this dilemma for a few more months until I finally decided to talk to someone knowledgeable that might help me understand, or excuse me from using it. I was directed to Jessica Smeader, PA-C of Bronson Sleep Health Specialists – Portage office and she listened patiently, and respectfully to my concerns, and told me that my doctor was correct about the importance of wearing it, but she empathized with my fear, and said their was another solution besides noncompliance. It involves some kind of device that goes in your mouth and requires a dental professional to address that solution. She is making that connection for me, and although I am not sure I can use that option either, it is reassuring that there is another option than certain death if I do not comply. Jessica was knowledgeable, respectful, and sympathetic to my take on this situation. I have no idea if this option will be the answer for me, but I appreciate Jessica’s willingness to offer me this possible option rather than just a do or die solution. I have no idea if this new path will work for me but I am grateful for the possibility of another option that may just be the one I can live with. You, and all the patients she sees, are blessed to have her calm, knowledgeable and supportive attitude to assist her patients in making these very important decisions.