Jeremy pushed us and showed us that we can do more than we think

Cara Loomis, Bronson Athletic Club Member

I started a new journey two years ago and it has not been easy but it’s been oh so rewarding! I used to be the girl who was scared of the weight room and scared of the gym in general. I made the jump with a co-worker and we became each others accountability buddies on our journey together. With the help of our favorite trainer Jeremy, we hit it and hit it hard! Jeremy pushed us and showed us that we can do more than we think. Mind over matter. Even when I whined, he still pushed me because he knew what I could do before i knew.

Now, two years later, I’ve learned so much and am down a tremendous amount of weight. But the weight loss is not what I am most proud of. It’s the goals that I have reached and the confidence I have gained from it all. Yes, the scale going down has been am amazing perk but the way I am feeling is even better. I am not scared of the weight room and always challenge myself to try new things.

With my knowledge of food and health and my trainers knowledge and drive to push me at the gym and in the weight room, I have succeeded! Every day I raise the bar on myself to keep up with my new healthy lifestyle and goals.