Jenna continuingly shows that she truly has a great compassion for what she does every day

Anonymous, Employee

Jenna Roberts accepting the Hazel Latondress Award.

Jenna is a stellar nurse who goes above and beyond every day, her care and compassion extends beyond that of her patients but also extends to patients families and to her coworkers. Every day at work she arrives ready to tackle the day, arriving early to understand her patients’ needs and concerns. While with her patients she takes extra time to answer questions they may have and to help ease any concerns or worries they have. On one instance, Jenna took the time to sit down with a patients with high needs. The patient was very anxious, confused, and in lots of pain. In order to comfort the patient Jenna took the time to sit in the room talk with the patient, while also offering the constant aid and comfort (warm blankets, extra pillows, etc.) the patient needed. Jenna took the time to relate to the patient and talk about family and life. On more than one occasion this little moment of kindness extends more than others can imagine. Patients feel the genuine care and it allows for a moment of relief to talk about other things.

Beyond her patients Jenna’s compassion extends throughout her entire unit. With no hesitation she is always the first person to hop in and help out in any situation. She often goes around offering assistance to anyone on the floor and is always there as a resource for any with questions. She has made herself into a leader on her unit and always takes the time to make sure everyone around her is okay. Whether it be providing stat care for other patients or assisting a new nurse with understanding information, Jenna is always there. Through her genuine care and through her understanding for a patients wants and needs, Jenna continuingly shows that she truly has a great compassion for what she does every day.

Jenna Roberts is a nurse on the oncology unit/C5 at  Bronson Battle Creek. She is the recipient of the Hazel Latondress Compassion Award, and was recognized during the 2022 Nursing Excellence Celebration.

Jenna Roberts and her coworkers as she accepts the Hazel Latondress Award.