Jeff provided a safe and happy experience

Jim McKernan, Employee

Today we recognize Bronson Battle Creek Emergency Department charge nurse, Jeffrey Roberts, for being a problem solver, building trusting partnerships, and raising the bar for our patients.

Recently, a number of traumatized children were brought to our ED for injury assessment by Child Protective Services. Jeff Roberts was the charge nurse and was quick to discern that the children were withdrawn and frightened in our environment. Jeff began engaging the children by reading books, touring, creating a ‘tea party’, tending to the social needs of these hurting young people with empathy and creativity. Jeff’s interventions made our clinical efforts easier and more effective, and provided a safe and happy experience for some at-risk young people.

Thank you Jeff Roberts, RN for creating an exceptional healthcare experience in a very challenging circumstance. And thanks to staff across BBC who work every day to care for the whole person as we interact with our patients and families.