Jeff highlights the highest standards of nursing empathy

Anonymous, Employee

Jeff received the DAISY Award alongside his coworkers at Bronson Battle Creek.

On a Friday night, when I came in for my shift, I was talking with Heather Hartman and Jeff Roberts. They are good barometers for issues which may require attention. This time was no exception, but for good reason.

On this Friday night, multiple traumatized children were brought to the department for injury assessments by CPS. Jeff Roberts was the charge nurse and these patients were close in age to Jeff’s own children. He was quick to note the children were withdrawn and not interacting with their environment. Heather tells me that Jeff read “every book we have (complete with voices)”. Jeff provided wheelchair rides in the hall and treated the kids to a “simulated” collision with Heather, which made them smile. He gave of the children a cookie and noting the child seemed unsure what to do with it: uncertain if they should eat it, keep it or if they would be in trouble for having it. Jeff made sure the children were fed and constructed a “tea Party” for them in his best Mrs. Doubtfire accent: there was no shortage of cookies at this party.  It was noted by staff that others attempted to read to the patients but they did not respond as well without the theatrical performance Jeff provided. Jeff said you could tell the kids were attention deprived because “they soaked it all up.” Jeff coordinated with our on-site law enforcement officer who called for backup to provide plush toys. By the end of their stay, the children were interacting with their environment and were released into the custody of CPS.

Jeff’s background as a devoted father helped him rapidly assess the social needs of the patients and provide out of the box interventions. I believe the actions of Jeffery Roberts highlight the highest standards of nursing empathy and I am proud to have him as a part of our Emergency Department team.