Jeanette for displayed Bronson Positivity in a caring manner

Thomas Stryd, Family Member

My wife has dementia and has a difficult time giving a urine sample for UTI testing.  Other lab locations question why I even need to take home a sterile cup or whether there even is a lab order set up for her.  This time I went to the labs at Woodbridge and Jeanette helped me.  Not only did she give me a cup without question, but offered a second one in case of an accident.  She then proceeded to inform me of a “pee pot” that can be set on the toilet seat to catch the urine sample for pouring into the cup.  WHAT A WONDERFUL IDEA FOR A DIFFICULT PROBLEM.  Why hasn’t anyone told me before of this easy solution.  I feel a “shout out” should be given to Jeanette for displaying helpful Bronson Positivity in a caring manner.

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