Jamie’s always one of the first to step up and help a fellow co-worker

Nikki VanLeeuwen, Employee

During Sunshine Week in June, four Bronson patient care assistants were honored with the Sunshine Award. The annual award recognizes nursing assistants who work alongside Bronson’s nursing team to ensure patients have the best possible experience during their hospital stay.

Jamie Warkentien, one of the recipients of the Sunshine Award, was recognized by a co-worker who shares:

 I have personally known Jamie almost as long as I’ve been a nurse on the Adult Medical Unit (AMU), which is roughly 15 years or so. Jamie is always a pleasure to work with. She goes above–and-beyond for all of her patients AND co-workers. The black and white part is she always reports abnormal vitals, blood glucose levels and anything else abnormal or concerning in a timely manner. The colorful rainbow part of her is her personality. Jamie is one of those people who can sit down with literally anyone and strike up a conversation. She always asks patients about their background, family, etc., and she is truly interested in what they have to say.

Here are just a couple examples of how she makes a difference with the patients on the AMU:

We had a patient who absolutely loves Halloween. They said that they always had at least a hundred kids came to their house to trick-or-treat. They were very sad they were in the hospital and would miss out on the fun holiday. Jamie worked on Halloween and wore a festive Halloween themed sweater over her scrubs. Knowing how much the patient loved Halloween, she even gave the patient her sweater. The patient glowed from ear to ear. Jamie took the patient for a walk and introduced them to everyone in the hall. It just made the patient’s day. The patient wore the sweater over their hospital gown every day for the rest of their admission. When the patient was re-admitted months later, they remembered Jamie and asked about her.

Another example was when we had a patient who was admitted after a fall at home. Unfortunately, it was a husband/wife combo. One spouse was admitted for the fall and the other was a visitor at the bedside. The visiting spouse was not well, but was adamant about staying at their spouse’s bedside. As the morning progressed, Jamie noticed the visiting spouse was becoming very short of breath and requested Jamie to assist them to the bathroom. Jamie called our unit coordinator to report her concerns, as we were in AMU rounds at the time. Jamie noticed that the visiting spouse had also become incontinent and offered to help them shower and get cleaned up. She called the chaplain to request clean clothes for them. They were extremely embarrassed about the entire situation. Jamie was very kind and kept reassuring the visiting spouse that everything was ok. We were able to convince that individual to let us take them to the ER to be evaluated, after allowing us to help them get cleaned up and dressed in clean clothes. Jamie helped the individual keep their dignity and made them feel safe and comfortable with us tending to their spouse who was admitted for the fall while they sought medical attention for themselves. Jamie did all of this while taking care of the rest of her patients at the same time.

Jamie is constantly thinking of others. She never forgets a birthday and she will give “thinking of you” cards. She might find something when she’s out and about shopping that makes her think of one of us, or our kids, and doesn’t think twice about picking it up…just because. She’s always one of the first to step up and help out a fellow co-worker. She is a good listener, has a huge heart and is so genuinely kind. Just thinking of her brings a big smile to my face. Jamie, thank you SO much for ALL that you do. You are truly one in a million.