I’ve always loved working at Bronson

Emily De Leo, Employee

I’m a registered nurse in the neuro vascular unit at Bronson Methodist Hospital, which also houses patients being treated for COVID-19. Many people have asked if I feel safe going to work, and I can honestly say I feel safer going to work than I do going to the store because we are better protected. We have face shields, surgical masks, gowns, gloves and more. While it is a scary time, it is also comforting because I know we are being protected as well as we can be.

For those looking for a job in healthcare, you should definitely apply at Bronson. I’ve always loved working at Bronson. It’s a very positive learning environment. Everyone takes you under their wings and helps you. It’s a welcoming and positive culture. You are also given so many opportunities at Bronson. They provide health insurance even for those working part-time. Bronson pays for your schooling and continuing education. They are very accommodating and treat every employee well.