It’s the little things that continue to set Bronson above the rest

Patti Burchett, Patient

My sister-in-law could be a poster child for heart disease, the silent killer of women. Cheryl is 53, with no family history or previous cardiac issues. In April 2011 she was admitted to the ED with chest pain, having normal EKGs en route and upon arrival, so her condition was unclear. Technology and protocols indicated probably no issues. However, while in the ED she coded and due to the quick response and exceptional care given by Tonya King-Stratton and Victoria Kosowicz, she was revived and found herself on the way to the cath lab. Cheryl’s memories of this experience are few; however, she does remember one significant event. She remembers hearing the nurses telling her that she needed to wake up and come back to her family. She also remembers feeling that it would have been really easy not to do that. But upon hearing those words, she fought to wake up. This little gesture made a profound impact in her care. Likewise she received exceptional care in the cath lab when significant blockages were found and successfully removed. Again Cheryl remembers the little things like the care given by Heather Briggs, Stacey Nickrent and Stephanie Robinson. They provided extra attention and comfort to her incision site and then came to visit during her recovery. Again, it’s the little things that Cheryl remembers and meant so much. So thank you Bronson staff from the entire Burchett family. You are responsible for saving the life of our wife, mother, daughter, sister and beloved Aunt to my son. Thank you for the little things that you do which make a profound difference in the lives of our patients. As a Bronson employee of 20 years, I have seen the expectation of clinical excellence and customer service evolve and become part of our culture. But again, it’s the little things that continue to set Bronson above the rest. I have always been proud to be a Bronson employee, but now I’ve added grateful to the list as well.