It’s so amazing to know I am privileged to work with such caring and wonderful people

Stephanie Fruin, Patient

On May 24th 2017 my water broke at 34 weeks pregnant with twins. I came up to BBC Birthplace because I work at BBC, I was a patient of Dr. Krauss, & I live 10 miles away. I was quickly checked in once I arrived to BBC Birthplace. Amy Stanton, RN got me to a triage room, and helped me get hooked up to monitors. Ashley Crum was my triage RN, she checked to see how dilated I was a quickly noticed a life threatening issue with one of the babies umbilical cords. Ashley called Chayla Robles-Taylor, Unit Coordinator and she verified the issue. Anesthesia was called, and the OR room was set up, & I was rushed to the OR for an Emergency C-Section. Dr. Yankama had just delivered a baby, and was there before Dr. Krauss so she was able to deliver my babies. Dr. Krauss arrived in time for the delivery of my son. My twins were born at 7:15pm & 7:17pm, they were both healthy but had to be shipped to BMH where they spent 2 weeks in the NICU due to being born 6 weeks early. There aren’t enough “Thank-You’s” in the world for Amy, Ashley, Chayla, Dr. Yankama, Dr. Krauss, Dr. Lins, Sid (CRNA), and all the other staff that was there with me that evening that  assisted in saving the life of my baby girl. It’s so amazing to know I am privileged to work with such caring, and wonderful people.

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