It’s Really Nice To Know That I Can Depend on This Team

Dawn, Patient

Dawn at an appointment with Dr. Amy Woznick

Back in March, I went on Spring Break with my family to Los Angeles. While there, we went to Joshua Tree National Park to do some hiking. We took the Skull Face trail, which ended up being rocky and silt-covered, making it very slippery. Unfortunately, I took a fall and my hand ended up getting wedged between two rocks with my thumb taking the brunt of the trauma. After returning to LA, my thumb wasn’t getting any better so I went to an urgent care. Although the urgent care staff took X-rays and put a soft splint on my hand to keep my thumb in place, they informed me that I really should see a hand specialist. I immediately called Bronson Hand & Elbow Surgery Specialists. The office staff was so helpful in scheduling my appointment with Dr. Woznick for Monday, the day after my return to Kalamazoo. They also made the process of coordinating the paperwork and X-rays from the urgent care facility, seamless.

At my appointment with Dr. Woznick, I was examined and given two treatment options: have surgery on my thumb to repair the injury, or have a cast for 4-6 weeks. I opted for treatment of a cast. After removal of the cast, the next step of treatment included being referred to the hand therapists for occupational therapy. Going to hand therapy at the practice made it really convenient and I was able to have additional follow-up and X-rays taken, onsite, as well. As to the team of hand therapists – they were really helpful and very professional. My thumb has recovered with only a few remaining effects from my fall.

My experience with the team at Bronson Hand & Elbow Surgery Specialists has been great! This is the third injury that Dr. Woznick has helped me with. Each time, the doctor and her team have made me feel very comfortable. I really like Dr. Woznick’s approach. She has explained my diagnosis and treatment options so that I could make the best decisions for my care. Dr. Woznick is an amazing professional with an amazing staff.

I really appreciate how the entire team at Bronson Hand & Elbow Surgery Specialists treats me. It’s nice to know that I can depend on this team.