It’s inspiring to see our male and female athletes work together to create an encouraging and judgment-free environment.

Andrew Laboe

SYP imagePictured left: Tyler Depuydt, ATC, CSCS, MS, Bronson athletic trainer, and Andrew Laboe, Loy Norrix High School athletics director.  


Since his childhood, Andrew Laboe has always been immersed in sports. From watching his sisters compete in volleyball to tracking statistics for men’s basketball in college, his life has revolved around athletics. His love of sports grew into a career; upon completion of his master’s degree, Andrew became the athletics director at Loy Norrix High School. After a decade of overseeing the athletics program there, he aspired to take the skills of his athletes to the next level.  Andrew knew performance training could strengthen his athletes and the school’s athletics program, so he partnered with Bronson to take the program to the next level.

In 2012, Andrew welcomed Bronson Performance Training athletic trainer Tyler Depuydt to the team. Together, they implemented a strength and conditioning program to target both individual and team needs. Loy Norrix High School athletes have access to Tyler in the school weight room on weekdays for two hours  after school. During the sessions, Tyler works with students and their coaches to help them achieve proper form and improve performance.

“There are huge benefits to having a performance training program,” says Andrew. “For starters, the winning percentages of our teams have increased. I’ve also seen a significant decrease in injuries among athletes. We didn’t have any surgical injuries this past fall sports season and our medical bills keep going down.”

The interest in performance training has skyrocketed within the past year. To date, 400 of the 600 athletes at Loy Norrix participate in performance training. “Once a student starts to see the results, they’re hooked,” says Andrew. “It’s inspiring to see our male and female athletes work together to create an encouraging and judgment-free environment. You can tell that everyone feels comfortable in the weight room.”

Since the Bronson Performance Training program was implemented, Andrew has seen an increase in senior athletes that go on to play for collegiate teams. Last year, they had four seniors sign-on to play sports in college. This year, they have 13 seniors signing to play on college teams.

Andrew has also noticed a healthier mentality among his athletes. “Their strength has eliminated their mental insecurities,” he says. “I’ve witnessed increased leadership, initiative and an improved demeanor when they play in games. Because they are stronger, they are more confident.”

Today, Andrew and Tyler continue to work together to grow Loy Norrix athletes both physically and mentally. Andrew says, “It’s been incredible to see the positive changes in our athletes and our teams. I’m excited to see how performance training will continue to strengthen our athletics program.”