“It’s amazing what happens when you go for things.”

Evan Marciszewski, Employee

I was a part of the Bronson School at Work (BSAW) program. I wanted to excel more than what I was doing at the time and I wanted the chance to try new things. I was honored and it felt like a privilege to be accepted to this program. I learned a lot throughout my time in this nine-month program and each of the teachers were really great at expanding our views on what we could learn outside of what we were doing in our current roles.

I learned a lot about organizational skills throughout the program. I took those skills to use in my role as a groundskeeper to organize my tasks for the day and the all of the equipment I use. I really enjoy working in the maintenance department where I get to be hands-on and support a team to make the hospital a better place to be for patients, families and staff.

One thing a lot of people don’t realize is how creative we have to be to maintain each of our buildings. There are a lot of different ways you can go about doing something, but we always what to make sure it’s done right. I get excited to come to work each day because I know I am going to be helping someone, whether it’s an employee or a patient.

I know that most dreams don’t come true on their own. You have to take chances and make your dreams happen. It can be a lot of work and very difficult. It may not easy, but it’s not impossible either. BSAW paves the road for anybody who wants to try someone new and challenge themselves. It’s amazing what happens when you go for things.