It’s amazing the difference.

Nora Hardy, Patient

Every time Nora Hardy walked into a room, she looked for something she could lean on. Whether it was a chair or a wall, she needed something to help her stand before she could do anything else. Nora thought she was having knee problems. As her pain increased and her mobility decreased, she decided it was time to visit a Bronson orthopedics doctor.

Nora discovered during her first appointment that her knees were actually fine, but she was going to need both hips replaced. Common with bone and joint injuries, people often work the better functioning parts of their body to avoid use of the damaged parts. Dr. David Christ performed two hip replacements eight weeks apart from each other.

“He listened – my life – my situation – what I needed,” Nora said about Christ. “He was caring, compassionate and confident.”

The first hip was replaced traditionally, and the second hip done with a less invasive, anterior approach. Nora said she felt better within weeks after the surgery. “I was shocked that I let it go that far.”

The less invasive procedure left Nora with much less pain. She spent less time recovering in the hospital, and was using her hip more than the one she had surgery on only eight weeks prior. Now, 15 weeks after the second surgery, Nora is preparing to return to work.

“It’s amazing the difference,” Nora explained. “My Bronson Orthopedics and Sports Medicine doctor fixed my situation…and enabled me to continue my life. This surgery was a blessing.”

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