It was such a long journey and amazing story, one that Bronson hospital was a huge part of

Jenny Ashbay, Patient

In January of 2017 my husband and I received the shocking news that I wasn’t pregnant with our third child, but with our third, fourth and fifth children…triplets! On top of that we learned that two of the three shared an amniotic sac and were “Mo-Mo” twins, making it a high risk pregnancy. The chances of them dying in the womb we’re pretty scary and I remember crying after Dr. Utter, a Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctor, left the room after giving the news.

We started praying right away, as did our family, friends and church. The Maternal-Fetal Medicine physicians became our friends over the course of the pregnancy and were such a blessing and answered prayer. They were always so compassionate, supportive and willing to explain anything we had questions about.

At 26 weeks I was admitted into the hospital on the Antepartum unit for 6 weeks of monitoring of the babies, with the goal of making it to 32 weeks gestation. It was incredibly difficult being separated from my husband and two other children (3 & 1 1/2 years old at the time). I could not have made it through without the friendship and support of the amazing Antepartum nursing staff. I became especially close to Michelle who was like my “hospital mom” while there, always encouraging me.

Against the odds we made it to 32 weeks. Dr. Packard did a wonderful job delivering the babies via c-section and the Bronson Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) staff were prepared to take the triplets to the NICU.

The NICU is the scariest and yet most amazing place for a parent. Our babies wouldn’t be here without the Neonatologists and nurses there who cared for our babies. The nurses were amazing and kind, comforting me when I felt terrible and sad being separated from my babies. Miraculously all three of our babies were discharged to go home on the same day! It was such a long journey and amazing story, one that Bronson hospital was a huge part of. We thank God that we were there for our care and wouldn’t trust our children with any other hospital in the area.

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