It was an awesome experience given the circumstances

Autumn Rench, Family Member

My son had an endoscopy this morning to look for a cause of a his chronic vomiting. The nurse, child life specialist and the team of Drs who were present for this were beyond phenomenal! They gave him a teddy bear and went over the IV process with him using the teddy bear and even let him “practice” on the bear. They were calm, gentle and took their time working with him and really helped make him comfortable. It was an awesome experience given the circumstances.

Now that’s not even what this post is really about. My son is 3 and very independent. Due to the sedation meds he couldn’t walk out of the hospital on his own. He refused the wheel chair so I was carrying him as daddy went to get the car. Half way out of the children’s unit he decided to throw himself so I slowly lowered him to the floor.

As I was struggling to get him to cooperate a Dr passing by stopped and offered some assistance and to make sure he was ok. After a couple minutes of talking I asked him if I could carry him out. He refused. So the Dr asked if he could carry him out. He agreed. This Dr stopped what he was doing and carried my 50+lbs child all the way to the car. Most people would have walked by or just made sure he wasn’t having a health problem and went about their day. So to Dr. Lane-Davies, Thank you so much for caring so much and for your help with my head strong child!

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