They LOVED on me through the process and CELEBRATED with me when I finished

Beatrice Orns, Employee

I have worked at Bronson since 2012 when I started in HR at Bronson Battle Creek. In my work, I have been instrumental in recruiting, onboarding, training, development and coaching many employees across the Bronson system. I have also partnered with the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Center for Breast Cancer Awareness on several occasions. The established relationship as a coworker and a member of the community changed dramatically when I discovered a lump in my right breast, during a self-exam, 8 months after a routine mammogram.

My first appointment was April 17 and in 13 days, I had completed mammograms, a biopsy and an MRI, which was incredible considering all imaging services from Bronson Battle Creek were being diverted to BMH due to a flood. During these diagnostic tests, each staff member was comforting and compassionate in their delivery of care. The Nurse Navigators, Jodi and Sarah, never tried to push “feelings” on me, they allowed me to process in my way and they followed my lead. My diagnosis Invasive Ductal Carcinoma without lymph node involvement.

After having a mastectomy and immediate reconstruction at another facility, it was discovered that I would need chemotherapy and radiation. There was never any question or doubt in my mind where I would be receiving the 41 days of treatment I required, much against the recommendation of the other facility to keep my treatment with them. I HAD to do my chemo and radiation at Bronson Battle Creek’s Cancer Center after all, I am familiar with them receiving the Commission on Cancer’s Outstanding Achievement Award on multiple occasions. I am familiar with the state of the art technology found in the Linear Accelerator (thanks Shaun P) and I am familiar with the passion and the compassion of the people who work there.

So in September 2019, I had my first chemotherapy treatment under the care of Dr. Cox, his RN, Teresa V, and a host of AMAZING Chemo Nurses who LOVED on me through the process and CELEBRATED with me when I finished in December 16, 2019.

In January 2020, I began radiation under the care of Dr. Mudge, his RN, Donna, and a host of AMAZING Radiation Therapists who LOVED on me through the process and CELEBRATED with me when I finished in March 2, 2020.

It was a joy to experience Bronson Positivity from the patient side. It was a genuine experience with everyone I encountered, including Candyce at the welcome desk, the Patient Representatives who check you in, Leisa, Sue, Jillian, the MAs, the Docs, the chemo nurses and the radiation therapists.

I could not imagine going any other place for cancer treatment. I LOVE the people at the BBC Cancer Center that cared for me at my most vulnerable stage and I LOVE that I get to call this AMAZING group of people my coworkers. There is a gem in Battle Creek!

Thank you to the following, I pray that God will continue to bless your hands and your hearts to heal and comfort everyone that you encounter: CarolSue Borkholder, Talonda Stanley, Ellen Goodwin, Tim Sparling, Sue Smith, Dr. Jennifer Webb, Melissa Morales, Lauren Hess, Nacole Olds, Katie Turley, Randi Burt, Ariel Bates, Kara Nusbaum, Kenneth Selden, Patricia Vaughn, Skyler Alexander, Terra Horning, Tori Hanis, Debra Arnold, Gretchen Klein, Hannah Smith, Kathy Warren, Lindsay Kratz, Michele Thomas, Taylor Herlein, Donna Shouldice, Teresa VanderSloot, Dr. Cox, and Dr. Mudge