It touched our hearts that you not only gave excellent medical care but also got to know him and let him know he wasn’t alone

Fawn Jennings and family

Below is a heartfelt letter sent to the Bronson Methodist Hospital Medical Intensive Care Unit staff from the family of Trevor Jennings. In memory of Trevor and with gratitude for the care he received, the family donated new jackets for each staff member of the ICU team. The staff was presented with the jackets on Valentine’s day 2023. The family also previously donated a massage chair for the staff break room.

Dear Medical ICU staff,

Thank you for all the devotion, love, and quality care you provide each patient on your floor. We are but one of the many families who have experienced it firsthand.

This is our story:

Trevor Jon Jennings
27 years old
9-2-1993 / 8-2-2021
25 Days in Bronson Hospital
2 Days on COVID unit
20 Days on MICU
3 Days on 2nd Flood Medical Surgery

Our story is one of many that you have lived and worked through every day, but for us, you, the MICU staff, touched our lives even more than you can ever imagine. Trevor, our son, brother, grandson, uncle, cousin, and friend, was admitted to Bronson Hospital on July 9th, 2021, with COVID-19.

After two days on the COVID floor, Trevor took a turn for the worse. He was placed on a ventilator, a decision he made with the medical staff. He was moved to the MICU unit, where he spent the next 20 days.

Trevor’s father and I had Covid at the same time; as such, we were not allowed to visit him. Trevor’s grandpa was his only visitor at the beginning of his stay. During that time, the family did face time with Trevor so he could hear our voices. His grandpa was by his side every day, all day. Grandpa soon became part of the morning meetings on Trevor’s progress and the plan for the day. Grandpa would pray with Trevor and the nurses, talk with him, hold his hand, keep his music going and interact with the nursing staff when they were in the room. Some days Trevor’s nurse barely left his side. They were all true saints!

On July 22nd, twelve days after being put on the ventilator, Trevor came off it. He was doing so good. The next day, Trevor sat in a chair, processing what had been happening. On July 24th, Trevor’s intestines perforated, and he had to be put back on the ventilator and have emergency surgery.

I will never forget the nurse’s compassion and love toward my son and me that day. She was so caring with Trevor and also understood a mother’s hurt for her son. After not seeing my son for 15 days, I was now Covid free and allowed in the surgery waiting room with my father (grandpa). Trevor’s MICU nurse stayed at our side during the surgery and comforted us. The doctors were so pleased with his surgery but needed to monitor him during the evening and took him back into surgery the next day to complete the surgical process. He remained on the ventilator for another four days.

Monday, July 26th, his dad and I were allowed to visit him for the first time in his hospital room. He was out of isolation and considered free of COVID. His family and medical staff all rejoiced. Trevor came off the ventilator for the second time and began to rest and heal. His mom, father, and grandpa continued to be by his side every day, encouraging him and doing what we could to make sure he knew he was loved and doing good.

On July 30th Trevor was moved out of MICU to the medical surgery unit on floor two. Trevor had two amazing days on that floor, spending time with his mom and dad and talking to the rest of the family on the phone. He was working with speech and physical therapy, and plans were being made to transfer him to Mary Free Bed by the end of the week.

During the early morning of August 2nd, Trevor had some difficulties and did not make it. We were told he went fast, but just before he passed, he gave the thumbs-up sign that he was good. It is believed he had a blood clot that took him in an instant.

During the twenty-five days in the hospital, there was always a group of family, friends and his dog, Gunner, that sat outside the hospital facing his window. Trevor would ask his grandpa every
day who was sitting outside for him. Trevor gave so much love to so many, and when he was in need, that love was returned. Trevor never complained in the hospital. We have been told that he would have ‘dance parties’ with the nursing staff. As the nurses danced around his bed, he would move his fingers. The staff knew all about Trevor’s family and his dog, Gunner.

Our lives have been changed forever since Trevor has a new address in Heaven. Some days we feel empty and wonder why. We are doing our best to live as Trevor would want us to. Trevor lived life to the fullest; he was amazing and a friend to everyone. We continue to lean on each other and smile for Trevor.

We can never thank you enough for all you did to care for Trevor, letting his grandpa in your meetings and talking to us no matter what time of day we called the unit. The many questions and conversations we had with so many of you have touched us because you never made us feel like you didn’t have time for us. I remember a night I couldn’t sleep, and I called to check on Trevor in the early morning hours; his nurse was sitting in his room, keeping him company.

It touched our hearts that you not only gave excellent medical care but also got to know him and let him know he wasn’t alone when his family could not be by his side. We know you see a lot, and your job is emotional and stressful. Thank you for giving so much, both physically and emotionally. We will never be able to thank Trevor’s medical team enough but know that you touched our family in ways you will never know. Thank you.

We hope you enjoy the new massage chair in the break room and your new Bronson MICU Jackets in memory of Trevor Jennings.

Everyone Loves Trevor!!!

With God’s love in our hearts, we send our love and the best for all of you. Thank you for what you do.

Fawn Jennings – Trevor’s Mom

Trevor’s family
Dexter and Fawn (Dad/Mom)
Mike and Marissa (Brother in law/Sister)
Jon and Bev (Grandpa/Nana)

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