It takes a team to achieve this kind of lifesaving outcome

Jim McKernan, Bronson Employee

Recently, we had a chest-pain patient who was having a CT scan to help with diagnosis.  Sarah was the CT Tech and noticed an abnormality in the ‘scout image’ that seemed to indicate a significant tear in the main blood vessel that exits the heart.  Sarah proactively contacted the ED care team including the nurse practitioner directly caring for the patient.  Sarah also notified the radiologist that this study needed the highest priority to be interpreted and reported.  Sarah’s notification allowed the care team to order a more appropriate CT scan, specific for the condition she was concerned about.   Sarah’s quick action led to the discovery of an aortic artery dissection that was actively bleeding.  Arrangements were quickly made for transport and  immediate lifesaving surgery at Bronson Methodist – and the result was a very positive outcome for this patient.

Thanks to Sarah for her commitment to patient-centered care and for speaking up when she had a concern.  It takes a team to achieve this kind of lifesaving outcome – but as her nominator noted:  ‘it all started with Sarah’s watchful eye.’