It really means a lot

Linda and Ron, patient at Bronson Cancer Center - Battle Creek

This spring, when Ron went for a routine check-up, his doctor discovered something concerning. Tests confirmed that he had early-stage lung cancer. He started radiation treatment at Bronson Cancer Center – Battle Creek. It became difficult for him to get to and from his appointments. “It takes everything to get him into our car and get him back out,” explains Ron’s wife, Linda. That’s when they learned about the Cancer Center Fund, which helps provide transportation so Ron can get to his appointments more easily. “It’s helped us out a lot and I’m sure it helps a lot of other people,” Linda says. The Fund also helps provide nutritional supplements to patients who need them and assistance paying for medications. It gives patients with cancer a source of relief to know there are resources available during a challenging time.“It really means a lot,” say the Ron and Linda.

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