It mattered to me so much I cried

Crissy Castellanos, Patient

I just returned from the University of Michigan after breast reconstruction surgery. I had A DIEP  flap reconstruction and I needed a visiting nurse to attend to my needs. U of MI  Sent and order and send it to Bronson at Home, and needless to say it didn’t work out. I was still stuck, unable to care for my bathing needs or my drains. I called my nurse navigator from the Cancer Care Center, Sue and explain to her my needs and my frustration. Sue and her coworker  Tim went above and beyond and actually got a visiting nurse to come see me that same evening. I was so thankful and impressed with the care that I received that they did not have to offer me.  It mattered to me so much I cried that it was important to them for my well-being to be cared for regardless if I had surgery there.  They make a difference to all of the patients at the Cancer care Center and I have realized I am not just a number At the center,  I am treated like a human and that my needs do matter. I would recommend the Cancer care Center far and above for the treatment and service that I have been shown during my years there . Thank you.