It is the little personal touch that goes a long way

Anonymous, Employee

Brian Underwood is an exceptional nurse from the Bronson Radiology Department who consistently goes above and beyond for the benefit of his team and our patients. When a need in the department arises, Brian is always there. If this were a ball game he would say “put me in coach I’m ready to play”. Brian takes time to listen to our patients and knows just the right questions to ask and the right words to say. Often, patients are anxious about their procedure and diagnosis. Brian has special demeanor and love for his job that is felt. He has just the right touch to put a nervous patient at ease, if only for a moment. It just so happens, I often see that moment. You see, my office is on the way to the procedural rooms. Brian will prep his patients with a comment along the lines of “we will be going past my boss’s office so…..” followed by “tell her I’m awesome” or “is she sitting down again.” As they continue on their way I hear the laughter shared by two people just before entering the procedural room. It is moments like these that Brian respects who they are as a person not as a patient. It is the little personal touch that goes a long way. The special thing is, he does not stop there. It is each patient and their family member(s) each day.

As I continue to reflect on the respect he has for patients, his job and Bronson, I keep coming back to one special story. We had an elderly couple who had come in. The wife was the primary caregiver for her husband, who had several medical issues. Only today it was her turn. She had her procedure and subsequently had to stay the night. At some point during her time with Brian she talked about the concern she had for her husband and what he was going to do. He had bad vision, did not drive well and had a very important medical appointment the next morning. With no family to help, and Brian being Brian, he set out on a mission to ease his patient’s anxiety and ensure her husband would be taken care of. Several steps and phone calls later the outcome was…the patient’s husband would be staying the night with his wife and transportation to his appointment the next morning had been arranged. After appropriate handoff and care one would think the story ends. Nope – not with Brian! The next morning, between cases, he followed up with the patient’s nurse to ensure the husband had been taken care of. During that conversation, Brian learned transportation had arrived and the husband had just left her hospital room. Brian proceeded to locate the husband and walk him to the awaiting transportation. Brian is deserving of this award because he exudes RESPECT for all, just ask around.